Welcome to django_dbdev’s documentation!

django_dbdev is a set of Django management commands that makes it very easy work with database servers during development.

We provide Django management commands to:

  • Setup a clean and isolated database environment in a temporary folder. This means that you do not have to touch ANY globally installed database configs or databases.
  • Create and destroy this isolated database enviroment, including all those hard to remember commands to create the database, create a user with the correct privileges etc.
  • Load database dumps.
  • Backup and restore your database.

Supported databases

  • PostgreSQL
  • Sqlite3
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB (same backend as MySQL)

You can also easily add support for more databases.

Source and issues

For sources and issue tracker, see the GitHub page for the project. If you plan to submit a patch, please read Develop django_dbdev.

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